• 10.-12. October 2022
  • Exhibition Centre Berlin

Bar ohne Namen

Entschlossen verweigert sich Savage, der Bar einen Namen zu geben. Stattdessen sind drei klassische Design-Symbole das Logo der Trinkstätte in Dalston: ein gelbes Quadrat, ein rotes Viereck, ein blauer Kreis. Am meisten wurmt den sympathischen Franzosen dabei, dass es kein Gelbes-Dreieck-Emoji gibt. Das erschwert auf komische Weise die Kommunikation. Der Instagram Account lautet: a_bar_with_shapes-for_a_name und anderenorts tauchen die Begriffe ‘Savage Bar’ oder eben ‚Bauhaus Bar‘ auf.


Für den BCB bringt Savage nun sein Barkonzept mit und mixt für uns mit Unterstützung von Russian Standard Vodka an der perfekten Bar dazu.





Bars Built To Last

Bars that are Built To Last The bar/restaurant business continues to have one of the highest failure rates. The pandemic didn’t make things any easier. Yet a small percentage of the industry thrives while the rest struggles to simply survive.

Why? Sean Finter learned the hard way how to succeed in this industry. He bought his first bar at 27 and by 32 his group had grown to eight. Since selling that group his companies have consulted over 8500 operations teams around the world and he personally coaches dozens of our industries top operators each year.

“There is a formula for success in this industry. It doesn’t guarantee success but, if followed, it multiples your chances. Sadely most of the industry continues on an endless treadmill”. As the world becomes more complicated Finter teaches his clients to “Keep it simple and keep the main things, the main things”. He believes that your odds of success multiple when you have a seamless operational system in place, you invest in the health and progression of your staff, when your staff consistently deliver remarkable hospitality to guests and you continually tell your story using social media.

Sean Finter is a masterful storyteller and uses real world examples to illustrate how the best bars and restaurants are Built to Last.