• 10.-12. October 2022
  • Exhibition Centre Berlin

27 September 2021 by Lisa Gerhards

Buongiorno! – Italy invites you on a Journey of Taste

Italy is represented at this year's BCB by 16 producers and distributors of alcoholic beverages. We give a brief overview of what delicacies and taste highlights await us at the Italian pavilion.


 © Sabatini Gin

That Italy is very popular, for its excellent wines, surely knows as good as everyone. However, the country also offers beverage lovers from all over the world a wide variety of other alcoholic delicacies such as liqueurs, grappa and gin. Visitors of the Italian pavilion at this year’s BCB will be able to see this for themselves in its entirety. This year, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is a guest at the BCB together with 16 exhibitors. The ITA's goal is to introduce consumers to the diversity of Italian spirits and to take the guests of its pavilion on a journey of taste discovery. 


© Amaro Maffei

Amaro Maffei: Tasting the World's Best Herbal Liqueur

While the proverbial saying goes "All roads lead to Rome," the following stops should not be overlooked on this trip:

These include, for example, the fennel liqueur typical of Murgia, Puglia, from the Amaro Maffei brand, which, among other things, has already won first place in the World's Best Herbal Liqueur category at the 2019 World Liqueur Awards. 

MeMento: A Startup wants to inspire with 0 Percent Distillate

Then there's a little breather at the MeMento booth: 100 percent nature, 0 percent alcohol - that's the startup's promise. The first alcohol-free Mediterranean distillate is supposed to offer consumers the same qualitative experience as an alcoholic drink as a basis for creating cocktails. In addition, it is vegan and made completely without sugar and gluten.

Other exciting stops on the tour: the uniquely aromatic wine from the DiWine brand in Florence, Major Gin with herbs from the mountains around Lake Maggiore, and the young company Midnight Lab with its Midnightgin from Tuscany.  

© MeMento

© Puniquo Liquori

Traditional Delicacies from Marsala

Punico Liquori was founded in Marsala, a town in the far west of Sicily known throughout the world for its liqueur wine of the same name. Vito Maltese is considered one of the greatest liqueur producers and Marsala experts. On the occasion of his 50th career anniversary, together with his children, he founded the company that is already known throughout Sicily for its product Amaro Punico. 

And there's more to discover: Toschi Vignola, which produces fruit liqueurs and cocktail syrup from natural ingredients, personalized alcoholic products from The Spiritual Machine and the product diversity of Valle del Marta, among others. 

Liqueurs that embody the Beauty of Ascoli Piceno

What visitors should also not miss are the tasty liqueurs and distillates of Essentiae de Salento and the brand Meletti, which embodies the beauty of Ascoli Piceno with its liqueurs. The opportunity should definitely include a little overseas trip to the island of Sardinia with the Mediterranean products of Pure Sardinia and Silvio Carta.

Also exciting: Sabatini Gin, a London Dry Gin made with native Tuscan botanicals and its non-alcoholic brother Sabatini Gino°.  Also present with products that exude Italian flair: Maurizio Russo and Caffe Cavaliere.


© Meletti