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15. October 2021 by Lisa Gerhards

What are upcoming Trends for the Bar Industry?

At this year's BCB 2021, visitors were once again able to get to know some new products and innovative companies and their ideas, and to exchange ideas on current topics in the industry. But which topics or products are likely to play an important role in the bar scene in the coming years? We asked some of our industry experts about this, as we did at this year's BCB:


Vivian Pei, Senior Academy Chair of World’s 50 Best Bars and VP of Singapore Cocktail Bar Association

Vivian Pei

I think particularly for the Asian market No-low alcohol are starting to take roots in Singapore as well as in the rest of Asia. I think this will carry on. Especially due to the pandemic people really looked at their personal health, so these are all things that come into play with the way people consume now. Due to health aspect people will probably drink less, but drink better.

What is also dear to my heart: Staffing. People often talk about sustainability in terms of materials and ingredients, but my big concern is the sustainability of humans. This is an industry in which people burn up very easily. Now even more. In Singapore, I’m pushing through a new health initiative which tries to raise fundings to provide people help to see a consoler. It’s not cheap and there is still a big stigma around it. Especially in Asian society people like to keep quite about it. My hope is that we can bring it more into open and that people are not ashamed to ask for help.

Stu Bale & Will McBean

Stu: After all the time, after the last couple of years there is the trend of simple pleasures, doing simple things well, just being nice to people and making delicious drinks without any fuzz, no challenging drinks. It should be approachable, delicious drinks. My personal drink when I walk into a bar is Tommys Margherita. 

Willy: It isn't just Rum or Gin or Tequila, it is all of them at the same time - the fun things. Gin just won't go away. It should be Calvados, because it's really delicious. People just want to have a good time. A fancy cocktail would be Frozen Banana Daiquiries, but I like a classic Vodka Martini.

Stu Bale (left) und Will McBean (right) from Crucible

Angus Winchester, Director of Education for BCB

Angus Winchester

Definitely no alcohol. There will be more and more brands of non-acoholic liquids and bartenders will lean in and become creative with it. I also think that rum is going to be big and that agave is going to be more present.

It’s always difficult to predict trends, but I also think our industry is going to be a lot more caring. Pandemic made people look around and think a bit more about the quality of life. Therefore, there will be more professionalism which attracts people to come into the industry and show that it is not a toxic lifestyle. Working 60 until 70 hours per week used to be standard, but we don’t do this anymore.

And as well, I see more digital education about topics of the bar scene in the future.

Rémy Savage

I think in terms of spirits it’s always going to be little by little: Some innovation here, some innovation there. But I can’t say if it’s going to be gin, vodka or anything. But what I feel in terms of trends is that people are being a lot more flexible with the concepts they create. We don’t look at the bar itself, we look at art. It’s a lot more abstract. It’s about people being themselves and doing things they are proud to be. It’s about everyone finding a bit of freedom. 

Rémy Savage from "the bar without a name" in London

Max Venning from the Three Sheets in London

Max Venning

I think we are sticking with the trend of simplicity. People are going to make clean and simple drinks, elegantly and maybe have a little more fun with it. Wether its like a fun garnish or an ice cube. I think we are going to see more of that. In terms of spirits: I think a agave and tequila are having a huge moment as well. 

Another topic of the bar industry is the recovery from the last two years and to get back where it needs to be. In the UK there is a big shift in work-life balance and better payment. So there is probably going to be a big change in the industry within the next years.

Jad Ballout

I could imagine that there will be more Dive Bars. You already see a lot of such bars around the world like Two Schmucks or Hong Kong Dead End. These bars with the combination of modern cocktails and proper food might become a trend. What is also a big topic is sustainability and how we in our industry can contribute to e.g. lower waste.

Jad Ballout from Dead End Paradise in Beirut