• 11.-13. October 2021
  • Exhibition Centre Berlin

24 August 2021, by Cornelia Tautenhahn

Urban Gardening in the middle of Berlin

Damien Guichard, Maria Gorbatschova and Ruben Neideck show you the Berlin "Princess Garden". You can see exciting techniques and creations from the fresh ingredients.


© Shutterstock, Stephanie Braconnier

Fresh food for the senses: The "Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin" is also a hip address for bartenders. The community garden is located on the New St. Jacobi Cemetery in Berlin-Neukölln and invites people to join in gardening. Interested people can participate in the design of the garden areas here and gain experience in the local, ecological cultivation of useful plants.

BCB Brand Ambassador Damien Guichard, together with Ruben Neideck from Velvet Berlin and Maria Gorbatschova from the Green Door Bar, show you the possibilities that arise from such projects for bars. Together they collected local ingredients and then gave us exciting insights into their favourite processing techniques, including a rotary evaporator flask.


The BCB in October picks up the theme in its new hotspots "Urban Gardening" and "Senses". Click here for the video and a foretaste of Bar Convent Berlin 2021: