Low & No-Bar with "The Cambridge Public House" at BCB 2023

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Some well-known international bars have already shined at BCB with special pop-up bars in the past years. This year, in addition to the BCB Agave Embassy with "Barro Negro Athens", the Parisian cocktail bar "The Cambridge Public House" joins them with its own Low and No bar. Over the three days of the fair, the French bar team will make unique cocktail creations in Berlin – with little as well as completely without alcohol.


The young bar, located in the Marais district of the French capital, was founded in 2019 by Hyacinthe Lescoët and Hugo Gallou, who lived and worked in London for several years. "The Cambridge Public House" offers its guests a very special drinking experience, as the relaxed and casual atmosphere of a classic British pub meets the expertise and great service of a chic Parisian cocktail bar. That's why the team appropriately calls itself a "cocktail pub". 

And the French bar team's special concept is visibly enjoying great popularity: thus, with its unique atmosphere and first-class drinks, "The Cambridge Public House" can definitely compete with the best bars and pubs worldwide. Since its opening, the bar has already received numerous awards and nominations, including the award of "The World's 50 Best Bars Awards 2021" with 92nd place.

©  The Cambridge Public House

Between "Tradition & Transition”

Another special feature is the constantly changing cocktail menu, which adapts to the seasons and local quality products. So, every month there is something new for guests to discover in terms of taste, and the bar team can live out their creativity and incorporate new ingredients into their innovative drink creations.

At "The Cambridge Public House", moreover, tradition and transition go hand in hand – in keeping with their bar motto. They prove that you can have a sense of tradition for the bar craft, but at the same time also break new ground and drive change – be it of a technical, ecological, or ethical nature. In this way, they want to show that you can also make good drinks in a sustainable way.

"We don't see ourselves as pioneers in sustainability, but we try to get better and learn every day. Last year we measured our carbon footprint to see what we were doing wrong. This helped us define our sustainable development goals, which we are passionate about, and we hope it will inspire others," says Hyacinthe Lescoët, co-owner of "The Cambridge Public House".


©  The Cambridge Public House

Low & No: Trend gets its own hotspot

Low and No products have become more and more popular in recent years and many bars are increasingly offering light and non-alcoholic drinks on their menus. BCB wants to highlight this trend more strongly in October in the form of its own bar hotspot.

So, the search was on for an up-and-coming bar with a unique atmosphere and a flair for good Low & No drinks. In "The Cambridge Public House" the event team finally found their perfect match! The whole thing was done in close consultation and with the warmest recommendation of BCB Brand Ambassador Damien Guichard, who got to know the Parisian bar personally last year and was convinced by the concept.


The team at "The Cambridge Public House" also knows the added value of Low & No drinks. That's why most of the cocktails on their menu are predominantly light or contain no alcohol at all. "People have become more aware of health issues in recent years and are paying much more attention to what they consume – which of course includes drinking habits. It's therefore an important topic for bartenders to address. There are also now many great products and alternatives that open up many new exciting ways to create drinks. Our team and I are therefore very pleased to be part of this year's BCB and to present our Low & No creations to an international audience," says Hyacinthe Lescoët

Hyacinthe Lescoët, Miteigentümer von „The Cambridge Public House“

©  The Cambridge Public House

"The Cambridge Public House" comes to Berlin

The BCB Low & No bar is located in Hall 11.2. and will be sponsored with products from BCB exhibitors. The bar team will then use this as a basis to create various drinks and welcome visitors to their bar pop-up, which will also be visually reminiscent of the original bar in Paris, over three days on the exhibition grounds.

Hyacinthe Lescoët, along with his business partner Hugo Gallou and three other teammates, will travel to Berlin in October. He and the entire bar team are already full of anticipation and motivation: "Our goal is to transport the special feeling of our bar from Paris to Berlin and create a relaxed and welcoming retreat where BCB visitors can enjoy delicious and responsible drinks. We can't wait!"

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The Cambridge Public House

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