• 10.-12. October 2022
  • Exhibition Centre Berlin

Welcome in our BCB Exhibitor Hub!

Steps for trade fair preparation

1. Complete your exhibitor profile

1. Please complete your exhibitor profile for the Print Show Guide and the online exhibitor list. Note the fill level, which is displayed as a percentage in the top left.

Note: Please complete your exhibitor profile in German and English, to bring your fill percentage up to 100% and to increase the engagement potential of the visitors with your profile. You can find this drop-down list "Translations" on the top right of your profile.

Attention: Deadline for the Show Guide entry (print): Sep 10th, 2021


2. Product category selections for Print Show Guide and manage orders in Online Service Center

Click on the "Manual" tile for following Options:

Show Guide area - product categories is not available anymore: Deadline for the Show Guide entry (print) was September 10th, 2021


Service tool area 

1. Please place your orders for the trade show appearance in the service tool area. Please note the respective order deadlines

Attention: You can find the deadlines for the forms at a quick overview in the trade fair checklist under "Trade fair info".


3. Manage badges and tickets in the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC)

Click on "ESC" tile for following Options:

1. Invite your customers to the exhibition

2. Order exhibitor passes for your stand personnel and assign them


4. Digital Products

Get in touch and get the most out of your trade show participation!

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