• 14th-16th October 2024
  • Exhibition Centre Berlin

BCB Team

Here you will find the contact details of all contact persons in the BCB team.




Petra Lassahn

Event Director

[email protected]

+49 211 90191-133



Christine Schalke

Product Manager

[email protected]

+49 211 90191-242

Victoria Eggersmann

Project Coordinator

[email protected]

+49 211 90191-183

Anna Orthen

Event Manager

[email protected]

+49 211 90191-349

Michaela Giesselmann

International Senior Key Account Manager

[email protected]

+49 211 55628-553 

Lisa Gerhards

Content & PR Manager

[email protected]

+49 211 90191-348

Kyra Thomas

Director International Sales

[email protected]

+49 211 55628-557 

Marina Kelly

Sales Manager - Promoting Services

[email protected]

+49 211 90191-197

International Contact

Reach out to international colleagues from your region, who will support you in your native language to participate in BCB.

BCB Education Board

Angus Winchester

BCB Director of Education

[email protected]

Damien Guichard 

BCB Brand Ambassador

Eleni Nikoloulia

BCB Member Education Board

Maria Gorbatschova

BCB Member Education Board

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Visitor and exhibitor support


RX Deutschland GmbH

Johannstr. 1

40476 Düsseldorf

+49 211 90191-460