Here's to a new one: The Young Guns are back!

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At this year's BCB, 16 up-and-coming companies – the "Young Guns" – will once again have the opportunity to present their products and make them known in the international bar scene.


Last year, the Young Guns area was already a highlight of Bar Convent Berlin. Now there are exciting newcomers from all over the world to discover again this year.



Natural and low-calorie: Diverse mixed drinks from India by "Sepoy & Co.”

Sepoy & Co. is an Indian beverage producer from New Delhi, India. The company produces carbonated mixed drinks that are low in calories and consist only of natural ingredients. The drinks can be mixed very well with alcohol, but are also ideal straight as a refreshment for in between. Their mixers include Indian Tonic Water, Spiced Grapefruit Tonic Water, Elderflower Tonic Water, Mint Tonic Water, Hibiscus Tonic Water, Original Ginger Ale, Classic Lemonade, Pink Rose Lemonade and Tropical Lemonade.

Sepoy & Co. cordially invites this year's BCB visitors to see their products for themselves and taste their mixed drinks with various alcohol combinations at their booth.

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Off to the pool with " Poolside Hard Seltzer"!

Poolside Hard Seltzer is a refreshing drink with alcohol that can be enjoyed anywhere - out and about with friends, in the club or just relaxing by the pool.

Poolside Hard Seltzer comes in lime, mango and berry flavours and contains only natural ingredients combined with a hint of alcohol. They are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, low-calorie and low-sugar as well as made without added sweeteners or artificial flavours. So, pure fun for people looking for a healthier alternative to beer.

At this year's BCB, the Spanish company will prepare Hard Seltzer inspired cocktails for their booth visitors.

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Fruity, fruitier, "Strawbar"

Strawbar was founded by a young team from Greece who uses professional craftsmanship and traditional distillation methods to create their products. The Eau de Vie is made exclusively from hand-picked, organically grown wild strawberries in Florina, Greece. It is distilled in two strengths: Origin 40% and Platinum 45%.

"We particularly wanted to use and promote the local products that nature has provided while helping the rural economy. Following an intense period of research and development, Strawbar combines the properties of a distilled product with the flavour and aftertaste of strawberries, which we believe makes it unique," says the Lead Distiller.

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"Polly": Full enjoyment, without renunciation

The founders of Polly always felt that the usual non-alcoholic alternatives lacked that certain something. So, they decided to find a solution themselves and created a drink that is in no way inferior in taste to classic spirits. Delicious herbs in combination with selected botanicals make Polly a unique taste experience and an ideal alcohol-free refreshment.

The Italian Aperitif is a bittersweet mix of sweet oranges and a herbal blend with gentian, creating the perfect sunny taste explosion. The London Classic is where ginger meets cucumber, promising a unique combination of mild spiciness and pure refreshment. With a hint of lemon, it's the perfect drink for a sundowner.


© Polly

For the little break in between: "MalikMint"

When founder Saddia travelled through Southeast Asia during a break from her job, she discovered the exotic taste of lime in combination with mint in Pakistan. Enthusiasm and the desire to establish the refreshing mix in the western world were quickly sparked. The goal: enjoying a bottle of MalikMint should be a refreshing way of quality time and let the consumer forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a moment. The drink is available in the flavours mint-rhubarb, mint-lime and mint-apple.

The company is also committed to a sustainable lifestyle and a positive contribution to the world. From a deposit system that reduces the ecological footprint, to ingredients from a controlled and organic cultivation, to the support of an orphanage in Benin. So, it's high time to press the refresh button!

© Malik-Mint


"Mala Peruviana": Red alert!

Mala Peruviana products are premium tomato juice mixers for preparing cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Red Snapper, Micheladas and Sangrita. But they are also suitable as healthy energy drinks for athletes. The company uses only ripe tomatoes grown under the Greek sun for production. The products also contain no preservatives or colourings and are vegan and gluten-free.

In addition to the refreshing tomato juices "Mala Peruviana naked tomato" and "Mala Peruviana Dreat Red", there are also two other mixers to discover: "Mala Peruviana Dreat Fire" with chilli has a uniquely fiery character. An explosive combination of spices brings out the flavour of the tomatoes. "Mala Peruviana Dreat Earth" contains beetroot and black carrot, among others. The different flavours and intensities form an ideal balance between sweet and salty.

© Mala Peruviana


"The Producer": Discovering Mezcal

Time for the best of the agave, time for mezcal! The name of the company "The Producer" is meant to stand for quality and passion and is a tribute to those who create something and are proud of the small details that make things so unique. And it is precisely this attention to detail that you can feel just by looking at their products: For example, the minimalist bottle design is meant to transport consumers to small Mexican villages in Oaxaca, where liquor labels are simply a piece of tape.

Oaxaca is the heart of Mexican mezcal production. With its unparalleled biodiversity, this part of Mexico produces unique spirits that make the history of the countryside palpable - and this is also true for "The Producer". At the BCB, visitors can taste their mezcal and be convinced by the unique taste of the agave.

© The Producer



Volcanic drinks with "Etna Twist"

Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe, whose volcanic soils produce unique flavours and aromas. Etna Twist wants to reflect its unpredictable and exciting character in its products. Because just like Etna, the young company also comes from the Italian island Sicily.

Etna Twist's product portfolio includes the Volcanic Premium Gin "Etneum" and the Etna Aperitif, which draws its special strength from raw materials from the slopes of Mount Etna. In addition to Etna Bitter and Etna Vermut, there is also the refreshing tonic water "Fotonica".

© Etna Twist

© Podole Wielkie


"Podole Wielkie": Every bottle tells a story

The okowitas and vodkas of the Podole Wielkie Distillery are produced with great care. By using only high-quality raw materials and distilling them in a unique copper column, they preserve the pleasant taste of the raw materials in the final product. This makes their spirits very tasty - compared to the taste neutrality of many traditional vodkas. The entire process of making Podole Wielkie products takes place in one place, hence their axiom "from field to bottle": they sow the grain, plant the potatoes and finally bottle and label the resulting distillate by hand.

At BCB, the company wants to educate stand visitors about why "terroir" is important for Polish okowita and how high-quality, traditional alcohols are produced. They also want to illustrate why raw materials are so important to them and show what products they make from beer.

Visitors to BCB can also look forward to seven other young companies with exciting brands in the Young Guns area. Also present: B&M Special Brands, Melissanidi Distillery, Paó de Sitges Gin, Legado Organic Craft Distillery, Fallstein Destillerie Demmel & Cie., Klettis Genussboutique und Kedes Tzevelekos & Sia Ee.