• 09.-11. October 2023
  • Exhibition Centre Berlin

BCB Stage Programme 2022

The BCB education programme provides bartenders, bar owners, bar managers and distributors with cutting-edge information, to help them gain a fresh perspective, stay updated on trending topics and ignite their passion.

10. - 12. October 2022
Exhibition Centre Berlin

Our Stages

Find out about your options and benefits to participate in the BCB Stage Programme!

Taste Forum

The Taste Forum offers optimal conditions for tastings with up to 6 different samples and is the perfect place to present the variety of a particular product or an entire portfolio.

Liquid Stage

Whether spirits, fillers, coffee or low-and-no, every product gets the perfect stage here! With an optimal set-up for tastings with up to 3 samples, brand or cocktail presentations or dry talks without tastings.

Park Street University

Once again Park Street partners with BCB to host a business stage, the Park Street University, with cutting edge topics for entrepreneus in the bar industry. Reach out to us to get involved.

Programme Application

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Our Director of Education Angus Wincherster reviews all applications for content and approves the submissions for the official programme.

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Angus Winchester

Director of Education


Anna Orthen

Event Manager

+49 211 90191-349