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A cooperation between Bar Convent Berlin, various bar teams and Berlin artists.

What´s it all about?


The Idea

At the beginning of 2020, BCB initiated a collab with bartenders and Berlin artists. The initiative was born at the peak of the pandemic which, as we all know, affected the bar industry and the artistic sectors at large. 

The idea is simple: combine a bar team with a local artist to create cool, good looking clothing in BCB design. Combined firces and bundled creativity have resulted in unique and original BCB merch that benefits everyone involved! 

A win-win-win situation! 


Supporting the Community

Together with the bar industry, BCB wants to give social and ecological topics such as diversity and sustainability a bigger stage. Therefore, these aspects were also in the foreground while creating our merch.

The design by Damien Guichard and Guen Douglas, for example, is specifically dedicated to the fight against racism and sexism. The profits from this series will therefore be donated to this cause alone. Moreover, the profits from the first product line of shirts, hoodies and accessories will be donated to "SupportYourLocalBar". The non-profit project raises funds for the owner-operated bar and restaurant scene in Germany.

Our Products

We aim for sustainability and fairness in order to do something good for our world.

We mainly use organic cotton in the production of our T-shirts and hoodies, because organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and insecticides and at the same time less water is used for irrigation.

For our hoodies we also use recycled polyester, which means that no new resources are used in the production of our materials.

We counteract waste of resources and the throw-away society by only going into production when we receive your order. This means there are no leftover products that have to be destroyed.

Our goods are 100% vegan and are printed in Germany.

Stanley & Stella is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. This foundation guarantees fair wages and appropriate working conditions, which are regularly checked in the production facilities.

Please note that the products may be slightly smaller in size.

Our Artists

Guen Douglas

Guen is established at the Taiko Tattoo Gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg. She’s well known for her colourful old school inspired tattoos and high precision line work.

Tobias Vetter

Tobias is one of the rising stars of the black tattoo scene in Berlin. His work combines precision and elegant, precise line work. He combines the figurative and abstract to create elegant and delicate designs.

Our Bars

Guts and Glory

Mo Kaba co owns Guts and Glory - one of Karlsruhe’s favourite cocktail bars. “Come as you are” pretty much sums up Mo and his team’s hosting style.

When asked about the project, Mo and his team wanted to celebrate the elegance and craftsmanship of the bartender at work. It was also important for them that Tobias’ artistic approach remains unaltered.


Yaldy opened its doors in May 2020, right after the Corona Virus lockdown restrictions lifted enough to let the guests come in and celebrate their grand opening. It’s a concept that pairs modern parisian style bistrot dishes with sustainable wines and high end cocktails!.

Michele and Guen worked on a design celebrating the old school cocktail symbolism.

Green Door

This beautiful and unique classic cocktail bar opened its little green door in 1995 - making it one of the oldest cocktail bars in Berlin. Throughout the years, this speak easy style bar has remained a leading force of the Berliner cocktail scene. These days, Maria and her team will host you in this David Lynchesque place, with perfectly balanced cocktails and excellent service.

Maria and Tobias worked on a design inspired by the bartender as a host.

Truffle Pig

It made sense to us that our very own brand ambassador Damien Guichard also gets a say in the matter. At that point, he managed Truffle Pig, based in Berlin, Neukölln. Follow the pig hooves on the floor and you will be taken to secret entrance. Once you’re in, time and drinks fly by and you tend to forget about the outside world.

In this case the percentage of the sales as well as the flat fee will be donated to a charity.

Diversity Design


The various challenges this year have brought us all to look twice at the way we treat each other and navigate within our community.

Asking ourselves whether we can be part of the solution rather the problem, while accepting that life may have given us a leg up compared to some of our friends and peers is a necessary part of the pursuit towards equality and simply acceptance.

Because we believe that it is important to voice where we stand, we have decided to develop an additional design - the BCB Diversity Design. The profits of this design will be donated to an organisation, whose aim it is to support the fight against oppressive forces.





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Please note that the products may be slightly smaller in size.