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You have voted: This is the BCB Community Cocktail

"Winter Manhattan" – The Recipe

We asked you on Instagram which ingredients to mix our winter cocktail from. You have diligently voted for your favorite components which create the right winter feeling. From the results, Damien Guichard has now made up a recipe for the cold season. Here you can find the instructions.





  • 30ml Speculoos Vodka
  • 25ml Sweet vermouth (9diDANTE)
  • 20ml Rum (New Grove 5y)
  • Season with bitters: Angostura & black walnut


The idea behind this drink was to mix a playful twist on a beloved classic – the Manhattan.

The natural spiciness and caramel notes of the 9diDANTE are a good start to build the base. The wild card of the community was the “gingerbread man” and these winter times justify using something really cheesy that reminds me of my childhood: speculoos or speculatius – this delicious biscuit made with gingerbread spices. In order to incorporate that flavour, I blended some biscuits with vodka and let it steep overnight. Then I spun it for an hour in the centrifuge to separate and clarify the mixture: voilà!

The next ingredient is a New Grove 5y Rum. I really like using that rum when aiming to bring some spice and edge to a dark rum drink. Fennel and caramel came to mind here. 

Last but not least: bitters. It’s not a Manhattan if you don’t throw bitters in there. I decided to use angostura and black walnut for the winterly spice and perfect roundness. 

Stir the whole thing until chilled and diluted, strain into a coupe and enjoy – Cheers!